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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I book the trip on my own?

Cast and Swing reserves the lodging, guides, and tee times over 6 months to a year in advance. The river and beach front lodgings are often booked out several years in advance. Our guides are the most requested guides on staff and tough to book. Tee times at the private clubs can be nearly impossible to come by. Public times at The Club at Crested Butte are only available THREE days in advance, making it difficult to guarantee playing while you are in the area. Our hosted trips take the stressful planning out of Golf and Fly-Fishing trips.

Is this all-inclusive experience similar to a resort?

Short answer, NO. The offerings of alcohol, snacks, and beverages will be hand selected based off your preferences selected during the client on-booking experience. Our meals are provided by the best restaurants in the area, and you will have the entire menu to choose from. Happy Hour is sponsored by local breweries and distilleries, and the snacks are high-end. The fridge and cabins will be stocked 24/7 for any cravings you may encounter, but most of our guests are too full after the exquisite meal experiences to enjoy many snacks during the trip!!

Do I need to be a skilled golfer to enjoy my experience?

NO! The courses selected are designed for all ages and skill levels. They offer playability and different challenges from several different tee boxes and offer a welcoming experience to golfers of all experience and skill levels. 

Do I need to be a skilled Fly-Fishing Angler to enjoy my experience?

Absolutely not!! Our guides specialize in Fly-Fishing instruction and encounter never-ever Fly-Fishing Anglers on a regular basis. There is no better way to get into the sport than a Cast and Swing trip. Casting instruction, private water, pre-rigged rods, and a full day float trip ensure your chances of learning all the skills necessary to be a confident angler.  

If you are an experienced Angler, you may utilize your own gear if you prefer. Our guides will customize your experience based on your preferred method of fishing when conditions allow(Dry fly, streamers, nymphing, Etc.)

Randy First Fish_edited.jpg

Randy catching his first trout on a float trip.. on the Gunnison, on a DRY FLY!!!

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