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        Chris Melendez is a Professional Golf Instructor and Fly-Fishing Guide. He has 3 main passions.. his family, Golf, and Fly Fishing. His parents always believed in following your passions and Chris has taken that to heart. 


To Chris, it’s more about the experience and memories made than it is necessarily about the golf and fishing. However, that doesn’t mean Chris isn’t obsessed with great fishing... in fact, he has spent several years acquiring knowledge about where and exactly when to catch the best hatches and fishing conditions. 


While a hatch of bugs or a round of golf may be only momentary, Chris is passionate about sharing his favorite fishing and golf destinations, while creating memories with friends that last a lifetime. 

Chris has selected a team of skilled golfers and anglers to help bring the best experience to each trip. 

Chris fishing the Gunnison River near Palisades

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